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Winners and a sneak peek…

Just an fyi that our two winners have been notified- so check your inboxes people:)  Also, I am so excited about this recent photo shoot- we had a blast working with the beautiful Minna and can’t wait to see her on the cover of our next issue of U-Teen, due out in Septmber.  A big thanks to Lyndee Rose, who did the hair and makeup for this one- she did an amazing job!  Here is just a quick peek… 

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Hair MUST Have: Serum

Whether you call it serum, oil, polish or gloss, a good hair serum is something that every person should have in their arsenal of hair products.  These miracle products tame frizz, add shine and condition to dry ends, making split ends less apparent.  Who doesn’t want that, right?  And after a summer spent in the heat and sun this is the perfect time to look into getting one.   Here are some of my favorites:

At the top of the line is Bumble and Bumble’s Hairdresser’s invisible oil.  This product is receiving all kinds of attention in magazines and blogs for its fantastic ability to smooth and condition hair without making your hair feel like it just jumped out of the frying pan.  You can find it at Sephora for $38.  

Next up is a great product by Redken.  This serum does exactly what you would expect it to with a name like ‘glass’.  I love Redken products and this one is no exception:)  You can find it at Ulta or any salon that sales Redken products for around $25.

Another favorite of stylists everywhere is the Moroccanoil treatment oil.  Made from Argan oil, this stuff smells fantastic and will keep your ends from feeling fried.  You do need to be very careful with how much you apply, though, as it is quite greasy.  This is a very popular pick, but if $40 a bottle is a little more than you would like to spend there are other options.

For those on a tighter budget, you can find this very similar product at a Sally’s near you for only $10 a bottle.  And if you are a sucker for heavenly scented hair products, this one is for you!  I use this product daily on my hair and I absolutely love it!

Another option, also from Sally’s, is the Proclaim Glossing Polish.  I used this oil for several years before making the transition to Moroccanoil/Argan oil.  It works great for adding a nice amount of gloss and condition to your ends, but it is a bit greasy so be cautious.  And it smells like coconut, so if you like pina coladas and gettin’ caught in the rain, this should be right up your alley:) $8

Last is an oldie but goodie: John Frieda’s original hair serum.  This product really helped me survive some tough times in the seventh grade when my hair started to look just like those frustrated-frizzy- over-ratted haired girls in the conditioner commercials(check out the girl on the box below- that was me).  This is a very thick serum, but it does a great job adding smoothness and shine, which is exactly what a good hair serum should do.  And you can pick it up at any Walmart or Target for around $10.

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